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Welcome to E3database - the Life-Cycle Assessment Tool

E3 provides orientation

E3database is a tool for Life-Cycle Analyses and Well-to-Wheel Analyses. It allows easy beforehand identification and comparison of all types of supply chains/ pathways be they energy, products or services.

E3database provides results on energy use, air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions and costs of pathways. Results can be transparently compared to easily identify sensitivities.

E3database is easy to use through its graphical user interface and its full transparency of the underlying data. The user is fully flexible to use existing data or to add individual customer databases or a mix of both. Databases can be shared or published to harmonise or compare assumptions between user groups.

E3database is well structured and subdivided in a calculation tool and an input data database. The algorithm applied intrinsically ensures correctness of the calculation, hence, the user can concentrate on the empirical aspects of modelling.